Bedroom Shelves for Small Spaces

Bedroom shelves

A place for everything, and everything in its place.

– Benjamin Franklin.

Small, comfortable bedrooms start with a clutter-free, well-organized space. While decluttering is the first real step to simplifying, bedroom shelves create the “place for everything” that balances storage and visual interest in a small space. The combination of form and function are at the heart of simple living, and bedroom shelves are an example of minimalist design in action. Below are some bedroom shelve ideas for inspiration.

Bedroom Shelf for the Declutter Master

A pallet bed and single bedroom shelf create zen simplicity in a small space.

If your declutter game is strong, this simple shelf brings a zen vibe that may work for you. For most of us, a single decorative bedroom shelf is more aspirational than reality, but the simplicity of the design might work in a short-term rental or vacation home that doesn’t require the kind of storage needed for daily living. #goals

Professional installation is a must on this design. Given the weight of the shelf and the placement above the bed, a professional installation would assure the safety of the design. Notice again the neutral colors of the items on the shelf, which adds to the overall minimalist design of the room.

Bedroom Shelves for Kids or Teens

Cabinetry above the bed and a simple desk provide storage and function for a teen bedroom.

Samuel Johnson observed that “To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition,” and I try not to let my ambition for simple living outweigh my children’s need to collect rocks, action figures and other assorted kid paraphanelia.

Kids’ rooms are the most challenging to those seeking a minimalist lifestyle, but cabinets and bedroom shelves can bring some control to the chaos. While bedroom shelves add decorative opportunities to an adult space, too many shelves in a kid’s room is an invitation for chaos. Higher cabinets create floor space for older kids, but floor-level cabinetry works best for the little ones.

Cabinets with doors accommodate kids’ inherit hoarding tendencies, but create the visual simplicity that parents seek. And, what cabinet doors and shelving can’t fix, I’m not above addressing with some well-intended bribery.

Bedroom Shelves for Book Lovers

Bedroom shelves
Book shelves bring form and function to small bedroom.

Kindles and e-readers are great, but there is no real replacement for a book you can touch. If your simple life requires flowers, books and wine, this lovely headboard made of book shelves is a solid solution.

Here, three bookshelves placed together as a headboard create both storage and interest. Don’t miss the detail in this example of the book spines turned to the wall, leaving the texture and color of the pages as the primary color on the shelves. The neutral color of the paper adds to the simplicity of the room design.

Also important, the shelves are not wall height, but instead, are only a foot or so above the pillow. Sleeping beneath a towering bookcase could be difficult, but here, the height of the book shelf brings coziness to the room. Be sure to anchor any bookshelf to the wall, no matter the height.

Bedroom Shelves for the Serious Minimalist

Minimalist bedroom shelves
Bedroom shelves for the serious minimalist

If you’re ready to go all-in on minimalism, built-in bedroom shelves and an adjustable wall unit are the luxury option for bedroom organization. A home contractor or cabinetry expert would happily install a custom storage system that perfectly suits your storage needs and design perspective.

For those of us with a slightly smaller budget (!), there are several ideas to take from this ideal. Ikea, as always, is the go-to resource for to copy the high-end design on a budget. The combination of shelving, hanging cabinetry and the wood panel details create an interesting and, yet, simple space. Ikea’s guide for putting together a similar space is here: Minimalist Luxury in a Small and Stylish Bedroom

Bedrooms shelves provide a flexible, simple solution to bedroom storage while adding to the beauty of your simple life.

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