Just One Question

Watch out. You might get what your after.” – Taking Heads, Burning Down the House

Even though we didn’t realize that our social infrastructure was a crispy stack of kindling, 2020 and COVID are burning down our metaphorical house. Personally and professionally, we’re reconsidering everything. Even if we are fortunate enough to avoid the virus, we need to find new ways to work, educate our kids, and protect our parents.

Our crises are the moments that define and transform our lives. A crisis can be an exquisitely painful moment of your life, but also the one that provides the gift of creation and transformation. Because you are alive, you have the privilege of doing hard things.  The experience of being human requires the almost unbearable opportunity to overcome unforeseen, undeserved, heartache.  

So, in this bonfire moment, consider the question at the heart of simple living: “What do I want?”  

The question is not “what does my spouse/kid/parents/boss want? ” We ask that all the time. Instead, take a breath and answer truthfully, ‘What do I want?”

Maybe the answer is “I want more sleep” or “I want to feel better.”  A realization that your body needs more care is a lovely first step.  Or, the answer might be “I want a new job.” That’s good information to have. You may not be able to make that change today, but now you know. This simple question starts the process.

Simple living is a journey, not a destination. Instead, intentional living repeatedly asks ‘What do I want?” and on any given day, the answer might change. But, keep asking and keep listening. While this bonfire burns, let’s use the light to find a new way.

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