Minimalist Makeup Essentials

Minimalist Makeup Essentials

Minimalism and simple living means living with less. Less clutter, less financial burden, and less stress. But less is often more, particularly when it comes to minimalist makeup routines. Many of us crave a life that isn’t so heavy to carry; one that’s free of the stress of hoarding things that don’t matter to us.

The beauty world is no exception to simple living. Our bathrooms are stocked with beauty products we we don’t use, especially our makeup collection. If you love to shop for viral makeup products, there are probably multiple items in your makeup bag that you could live without.

While we all love putting together the perfect makeup look, simplifying the routine by sticking to only a handful of products will not only save you money and time, you might even start to see changes in your complexion because you’ve cut back on products and now stick to just a few necessities.

If you’ve been wondering what it takes to create a minimalist makeup routine and you’re finally ready to take that leap, below are several ideas on how you can create that simple routine today. 

Decide What You Can’t Live Without

When you start creating your minimalist makeup routine but feel overwhelmed by all the unused products that hold so much potential, think about the one or two makeup products you would take with you on an island.

For some, it’s mascara and an eyelash curler, for others, they wouldn’t survive without their lip tint that also serves as a blush. Think of these two products being used for a simple errand run. This is a good first step because it helps you determine what you want to keep most within your makeup routine.

Minimalist makeup routines have very few steps and when you identify the most important ones in your routine, you easily remove what you don’t need and don’t have time for. 

Use Only What You Need and Toss the Rest

Here’s the trick to test your relationship with makeup products that don’t get much attention. In your makeup bag, keep only the makeup products you’ve used in the last few days. Everything else goes in a bin or box and is put away for a week or so.

You’ll know when you really need a certain product because you start thinking about missing it during your routine. Chances are though, you won’t even think about the other products. If you find that that’s what’s happening, give away unused makeup and toss the rest. You’ll feel a little lighter every time you start your makeup routine.

Make Your Own Makeup 

Like making your own beauty and cleaning products at home, there are certain makeup products you can DIY that require little effort on your part and work just as well as store-bought makeup. Some of the makeup you can make includes homemade blush, made out of powders like hibiscus and beet root and natural lip tints, which use beeswax, beet root powder, and essential oils. You can also make your own lip scrubs, eyeshadows, and eyeliners using coconut oil and black eye shadow. There’s nothing off limits here.  

Find Versatile Products

More doesn’t always mean more quality. Less is truly more in this case, especially if you’re dedicated to finding quality makeup brands that not only work to nourish your skin, but also do their part for the environment and animal welfare.

Many minimalist makeup products are high quality and long-lasting. You can even find products that act as a 2-in-1, giving you two different products in the same package. Finding products that are versatile and serve multiple purposes in routine saves money. It also allows you to carry fewer products for touch ups. 

Minimalist products aren’t always organic and expensive. Some of your favorite drug store products can easily serve in your minimalist routine. If you are, however, looking to find higher quality products that check of all the organic “I’m going to save the planet” boxes, here are a few brands that are doing their part for the planet and the animals. 

  1. Alleyoop Pen Pal – This product is a 4-in-1 makeup pen that includes two eyeliners, one in jet black and one in coffee brown, a highlighter, and a lipliner. This product is only $25 and is cruelty and paraben free, as well as vegan and recyclable. You can’t go wrong with this one.
  2. Winky Lux Rainbow Tinted Balm – This tiny lip balm that looks like a silver bullet and fits inside any pocket is both a tinted lip balm and highlighting blush. It is also free from harsh chemicals and gluten and is cruelty free. 
  3. Merit – Perfecting Complexion Stick – Putting foundation and concealer into one product sure seems nice for the many of us who hate to layer more than 1 product on our face. This is a 2-in-1 makeup product that promises to be the only thing you need for the perfect dewy complexion. 
  4. Jones Road – Miracle Balm – This is another product that can be used in multiple ways and doesn’t require a brush to apply. You can use this balm as a lip tint, a bronzer, a highlighter, or blush. It is vegan, clean and uses only the best long-lasting ingredients for your skin. 
  5. Physicians Formula Super BB Cream – BB cream has been around for a while, and it’s the perfect foundation substitute that is light weight, covers blemishes, and gives your face sun protection with SPF 30. 

While we admire the beauty gurus who can turn thousands of dollars of makeup into gorgeous makeup looks, a simple, minimalist makeup look feels right for the moment. One that takes hardly any effort and shows off only a few products. With summer coming up and temperatures on the rise, minimalist makeup fits the season. Finding only a few products that have stood the test of time is the perfect way to declutter your routine, save you some money, and get you on your way to living a little more simply and stress free.   

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