Simple Living: All Action is Progress

All action is progress – even seemingly wrong action.

Any action toward simplicity is progress because when you take a step toward your goal, even a step in the wrong direction, you learn something. The information that comes with a misstep is data you can use to course correct and move forward. Course correction will move you to your goal faster than contemplation and analysis.

I was the kid who had six different majors in college.  My 18-year-old self took every wrong turn and just tried everything.  Each new major was information that led me finally to law school, for which I actually had a talent. 

On the path to a simpler life, our actions are the only thing we control. Even when we give full effort with thoughtful strategy and our best intentions, sometimes things just don’t work out the way we planned.  We only own our actions, not our results. To create a simpler life, focus on action and course correct. 

You can leave a job for one that appears to be a better fit, and it still doesn’t seem right.  That’s good information on which to take new action. You might move to a smaller home, only to find that the commute is too far from your work.  That data will lead you to a new choice. 

Our effort moves us toward the result we seek, and there is no substitute. By appreciating the value of action – even wrong action – we free up energy to create.  By insisting on a particular result, we lose connection to the flow of creation. Sometimes, our actions produce an unintended result that is perfect. All you have is your effort.

And, action toward a goal creates the momentum to continue. Your don’t need to know every detail to move forward.  Analysis alone can keep you stuck in a problem for years. Sometimes, it takes the first big step to shake the bedrock of your problem. Having a baby, moving your household, starting a new job, ending a relationship all are big first steps that create unplanned success. 

Today is the first day of the new year, and I wish you a year of action toward your Big Life. 

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