Three Simple Living Strategies for a Big Life

A Big LIfe is a life you chose deliberately. A Big Life is not choosing all options, but only the elements that make your heart beat. A Big Life is currating your time, energy and resources to a result that feeds your soul.

And, just to complicate matters, your chocies for a Big Life can change. Maybe in one season of your life you want to build a career, and in another season, you want to focus on family. Or, you make want to simplify to the point that you can focus on both during the same season.

Simple living provides the foundation for a Big Life. When your possessions are minimal, and your budget allows you save a substantial portion of your income, you have the freedom to create a Big Life and to make changes that support any new visions of a Big Life as they appear to you. 

Three foundational simple living tactics will move you toward your Big Life:

  • Choosing to live a place that is far below your means. For me, this means choosing a small space near my work.  Keeping your major expenses in line creates freedom in other ares of your life. 
  • Pay cash for whatever car you can afford and avoid a monthly car payment. For most households, the rent/mortgage and cars take up most of a monthly budget and limiting these two expenses creates freedom in other areas.
  • Build an emergency fund that will meet your basic needs for at least three months. An emergency fund provides the foundation that allows you to make changes whenever necessary.  

These three simple living principles create a foundation for a Big Life.  With a home and car you can easily afford and an emergency fund to cover the unexpected, you are free to make choices that that move you toward the Big Life you want now and tomorrow.

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