What is Big Life | Simple Living?

How you gonna keep ‘em down on the farm after they’ve seen Paree?”  

Judy Garland

Big Life Simple Living is saying “no” to everything that doesn’t beat your heart. Big Life Simple Living is shepherding your energy, time and passion to the elements of your big life that bring you joy and freedom. Building a Big Life is a highly personal, even intimate, exploration of how to live in this world – your world – right now. 

Simple living – the concept of living close to the land, focusing on the essential, and avoiding consumerism – has been part of American culture for centuries. At its heart, simple living suggests a small, curated, mostly rural life.  Simple living’s connection to country living and self-reliance is as classic as life at Walden Pond. But, the 21st century’s access to education, geographic mobility, and seemingly infinite technology inspires a new look at Simple Living. 

For me, Simple Living moves out of the countryside, and helps me bring focus and intention to a life in the city, filled with work that challenges me, family, and community. Simple Living’s tools of minimalism, self-reliance, and merciless curation can create a Big Life that is the highest expression of your individual vision of a life well-lived.

My Big Life is a long way from a cabin in the country.  My three kids, husband, dog, and corporate career are set firmly in the heart of the city. Our small, urban space is purposely sparse and planned. My schedule is as simple as I can make it. By paring life down to the essentials, I create room for joy and freedom.

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